Needle and Thread

In The Beginning

Four mercenaries start out on a mission to twart the Coalition.

Characters: Drifter “Slim” (Gunslinger), Smokey (Operator), Regis (Crazy), Gerth (Juicer)

The party started out in the cellar of the Four Winds Bar, a tavern in the warehouse district of Jordan, Louisana. After four hours of waiting, the owner of the bar, Abigail Williams invited them to come up in the main room. There, they were introduced to the heads of the resistance movement who had hired them, and given their assignment: Stop the Coalition from entering Tolkeen, and figure out how bad the damage was to the shields.

Once they accepted the task, they were given two more: To find the team that was previously sent out, and to find the whereabouts of a friend of Jordan’s leader. They accepted those tasks as well and were each paid 3,000 credits. On top of the credits, they were given a map of the area, a portable computer with all the information the resistance had on all three tasks, and were offered supplies. Regis received a vibro-sword, and Smokey got a cake of plasma plastique, which was stolen from a CS armory there in town.

Lead out of the West Gate, the party found their vehicles and weapons waiting for them. They left the city and headed North, towards a mage shanty that was built along the Mississippi Ley Line. After a few hours of riding, they came across a sharp right turn. Gerth made the turn with no problem, going much faster than the rest of the group, and the others stopped, noticing tracks that looked like someone had missed the turn. They followed the tracks (with Gerth’s help, once he was done goofing off in the forest) and came upon a Bronco Scooter and a Motorcycle which were determined to have been owned by C.J. and Lutea, the party that was hired previously to investigate the situation at Tolkeen. Gerth decided to go on a joyride on the Bronco Scooter, only to end up being taken around in ever shrinking spirals. This ended with him vomiting and falling off of the vehicle.

The party followed the tracks into the remains of the mage shanty and found that the small village was destroyed, and the people herded off by a large creature that left reptilian footprints. Even though this had happened a week prior, the group decided to follow the tracks. They spent hours tracking the exodus and ended up finding a cave a few miles away. They split up, with Smokey and Regis standing on top of the cave, and Gerth and Drifter inside. The reptilian demon that had done all the damage first became apparent to Smokey, who shot it with exploding shells. This served to knock it off of the cave, where it attacked Drifter, who was the only person in sight (Gerth having dipped off into a side cave).

A battle ensued. And when it was over, the creature was slain and only light casualties were taken by the party. Gerth cut off the creature’s head and preceded to wear it as a hat, which he would keep until they could find a place to sell it nearby.



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