Needle and Thread

Demon Slayers are We!

Baby's dead, but what about Mommy and Daddy?

The adventurers split up. While Regis and Smokey performed examinations on the survivors of the Demonic Unicorn’s attack on the mage shanty, Gerth and Drifter made their way through the cave’s left hand passage. When they made it into the next cave, the pair saw a bundle of rags against the far wall. Gerth, deciding that all the fun was happening down the other passageway, left. This left Drifter to be alone when he met Lutea. After a moment or two of staring at each other with their weapons drawn, Lutea lowered hers, claimed that he wasn’t “one of them” and gave the all clear. Hearing that everything was all right, the bundle of rags moved to reveal Kayla, the friend of the Voice’s that the party had been asked to find. When Drifter asked, Lutea told him that C.J. was down another passageway.

By this time, Regis and Smokey had all the survivors out of the cave and outside near the river. Regis started to cook them something to eat, most of the survivors being half starved as Smokey began unpacking his explosives and and putting them in place in the cave. Smokey’s work was stopped by Drifter running out of the left hand passageway and across the main room to the passageway on the right.

When Gerth and Drifter made it to the right hand cave, they were greeted by the sight of C.J., “fighting” off a Devil Unicorn with a stick. With a cry of “Honey! I’m home!” Drifter pulled his rifle and shot the Devil Unicorn. This allowed C.J. to get her guns out. The Devil Unicorn, seeing the head of its young on top of Gerth’s head, attacked him, which made him scramble to get out of the cave and into the passageway. To keep the creature from following him, C.J. and Drifter worked together to keep the creature confused and in pain.

Regis, after speaking with Smokey and Gerth, ran down the tunnel into the cave where the fighting was happening and, threatening bodily harm, pulled C.J. and Drifter out of the tunnel. The party left the cave and once everyone was clear, Smokey detonated the explosives, bringing down most of the cave and killing the Devil Unicorn.

Once everyone was recovered, Regis remembered that there were reported to be three Devil Unicorns in the cave. Finding a back entrance to the cave, the party prepared an ambush for the last remaining Devil.



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