Drifter "Slim"

Gunslinger PC


I.Q. – 15
M.A. – 14
M.E. – 19
P.S. – 21
P.P. – 28
P.E. – 23
P.B. – 10
Spd. – 15

PPE. – 19
ISP. – 0

Wilk’s Sniper Pistol – 2D6 MDC (1000’ Range)
Silver Plated Colt .45s – 4D6 SDC (150’ Range)

Armor: Branaghan


Drifter is 32 years old, for as long as he can remember he has lived his life fast and hard. He appears in town one day with a job to do, when he is done he is gone like dust in the wind. He met CJ years ago and they have drifted in and out of each others lives since. Once in recent history when they met up, he gave her his mothers silver cross necklace. Well, mother died about two years ago and Drifter has been trying to find CJ and the necklace since.

Drifter "Slim"

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