About twenty years ago, at the start of the Coalition takeover of what used to be known as the United States, they attacked the city of Tolkeen. The Coalition had declared it destroyed but no one truly knows the extent of the damage. For, right as the Coalition was preparing to enter the city for the first time after a long siege, powerful magic shields encircled the city, keeping the soldiers at bay. The shields have held for twenty years.

Two weeks ago, they were breached.

And now it’s up to a group of mercenaries, hired by a resistance movement located in the trade town of Jordan, Louisana, to find out what’s happening with the shields, and to help keep the Coalition from gaining the secrets of Tolkeen.

For in Tolkeen is the information needed to access the Needle facility. And in the Needle is the key to destroying the Ley Lines, once and for all.

Needle and Thread

Scottasmic Hardnose Darkduck